The faces of Madden 21 franchise reviews-the good, the bad and the ugly

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A few years ago, when I first heard that EA would re-implement a single-player RPG-style game mode, the first thing I said to myself was "Did they take so long?" The fact is that for many years the NBA MLB The Show in 2K and beyond has successfully created a single-player story mode and added a lot of RPG elements to it. 2K is more storytelling than The Show, but the point is to provide hours of content.

Madden started slowly with Longshot and "Franchise Face: QB1". I would say that these are not what many people hope for. Longshot is more or less a story. It was a good first attempt, but the second year was worse overall. QB1 was really strong for me at first, but then quickly disappeared. However, for me, hope is to lay the foundation for the future of Madden 21 and Madden 21 Coins.

These are the advantages, disadvantages and ugliness of Madden 21's "Franchise Model". Like most NFL draft prospects, this is not about their current players, but what they will become with the right coaching and development. I feel the same about Madden 21's "Franchise Face".

You can choose to create your own players and develop from a high school student to an NFL superstar, which seems to be the secret of success. EA must now continue to implement new and exciting ways to keep people engaged. This year, giving players the opportunity to change their positions is a much needed change. And the other storylines added are also very good. However, I ultimately want to see each position trigger its unique storyline and goals. Last year, users were taken to university-level actions. In "Madden 21", EA has taken your player's development one step forward from the early stage of the player's high school.

It seems strange that EA could not find a way to add the most prestigious training to last year's game, but we had to wait. Well, the wait is officially over. Now, the players you create can try to break the record of John Rose and show you a team of Raiders similar to the NFL. Hope we will add some combine harvesters to the next generation of Madden.

There is also an important press conference that will help NFL teams better understand the types of players you are not on. All of these are excellent supplements. In the absence of other NCAA games, EA continued to let players guess the use of the university team in Madden 21. But the most frustrating thing is that they haven't even implemented the basic version of NCAA here.

When playing "Franchise Face", the main purpose is to create a legacy for the player. Therefore, as you might expect, having the best choice for the right self-selection is crucial. Unfortunately, this is an area where EA has dropped abnormally.

There is no single hairstyle for long hair in the game and it doesn't help. For someone like Troy Polamalu with a long and smooth lock, this is really disappointing. I hope that EA will add more layers in the future, and that Madden 21 can be loved by more people. I will also Buy Madden 21 Coins to make my game smoother. After all, this is an indispensable part.

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