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Greubel Forsey's Hand Made 1 is a milestone in the history of watchmaking. It is a completely handmade watch, from the movement to the case, to the belt, dial and hands, the only exception being the sapphire crystal. , case gaskets, spring strips, jewelry and clockwork.http://www.fas


Before the industrial revolution as well as mass production, replica watches swiss parts needed to be made by one person, who required very special skills, resources and completely manual devices. Today, with industrialization, the actual excellence of craftsmanship has nearly disappeared, and these skills aren't even taught in colleges.

Greubel Forsey proudly demonstrates their experience in true handcrafted creation and showcases Hand Made1, a masterpiece of watches that revives ancient methods, forgotten gestures and abilities..

Hand Made one is a hour/minute/second timepiece having a tourbillon. This creation experienced an unknown process because it had been impossible to simply duplicate an existing movement by hand. Handmade 1 was created entirely from the beginning. The movement's structure, conventional machining and hand-finishing specialists have detailed reflections on each of your of the 272 movement elements and 36 casing components, to understand and focus on the particular manual methods and how to obtain the most out of them. income.

Therefore , “Handmade 1” requires a radical innovation within the creative process, involving individuals who will make and decorate every component from the start. The bravery of the project matches just the creativity and creativeness needed to find new technology options. Some parts of the motion have been redesigned to make simpler operation. At the same time, for some other mechanical devices such as tourbillons, the number of components must be improved to allow each part to become made by hand. The fairly small size of the clock (43. 5 mm in size and 13. 5 milimetre thick) further increases the trouble of the task.

Greubel Forsey's Hand Made 1 is a milestone in the historical past of watchmaking. It is a totally handmade watch, from the movements to the case, to the seat belt, dial and hands, the only real exception being the sky-blue crystal., case gaskets, springtime strips, jewelry and clockwork.

With 95% of the watch (including typically the hairspring) made only along with hand tools, Greubel Forsey's Hand Made 1 brings standard watchmaking technology to an unparalleled peak. Handmade timepieces have not had such a high level of workmanship and precision. This view is unique in the history associated with watchmaking, the result of technical and also humanistic epic efforts, bringing in extraordinary talent and directing the way for the future.

To achieve such a high level regarding excellence, to achieve 95% from the manual level, you need a watch out for 6, 000 astronomical substantial work - equivalent to 3 years of work, and this complete time only considers time of pure watch, and never creation and development period.

To get the 308 components of the " Hand crafted 1" that meets often the Greubel Forsey standard, a lot more than 800 separate parts should be manufactured. The time required to create a complete tourbillon cage is nearly 35 times that of a typical high-end tourbillon. When it is simple to generate about 500 anchoring screws with only twelve procedures on an automatic lathe, just one screw (as small as possible) requires up to 12 individual operations and up to 8 hrs to complete. Hublot CLASSIC FUSION TOURBILLON POWER RESERVE 5 DAYS ORLINSKI SAPPHIRE

Ultimately, the time it takes to make a " handmade 1" wheel is actually 600 times that of luxurious industrial wheels. Greubel Forsey's attention to detail naturally consists of the performance of the enjoy. Here, “Hand Made 1” demonstrates the unprecedented power of a hand-made watch, as well as its performance is certified through Greubel Forsey.

In the unique effort in the craftsmanship of Greubel Forsey, each component tells a tale. It has its own development procedure and development process, which makes it unique, and it can cut very long time from raw materials only via eyes and hands. The actual technical and aesthetic excellence of this Hand Made 1 watch is immediately visible and a true Greubel Forsey design, which is equally important thanks to the actual invisible beauty of all the elements hidden inside the case.

The journey starts with an adjustment mechanism which is entirely handmade by the class of Greubel Forsey, such as the hairspring, made of Atelier's blend. The hairspring is then folded in a manual mill (without computer assistance), a process that may be undoubtedly an endangered cockroach - only a few hairsprings could be made at a time - including contemporary industrial production, countless times are automatically created. The balance wheel is also entirely handmade, with exceptional accuracy and finish standards.

The escape wheel offers 20 individually cut smile, each with four consequently ground surfaces, which is the actual power. At the same time, only one . 5 months of work is needed for the machining and completing of the escapement. TUDOR Black Bay Chrono SG M79363N-0001

The manual generation of the tourbillon bracket (with 69 parts totaling zero. 521 grams) represents an additional huge challenge, as it is impossible to replicate CNC equipment of the same shape on traditional clamp boring machines. For that reason more parts are needed to create this delicate, almost air-borne mechanism.

Naturally , all components of the activity are hand-finished according to the greatest watchmaking tradition, including connections with polished internal along with external vertical sides, a distinctive “Gratté” main panel in addition to wheels with hand-polished bevels at the top and bottom. (40 sharp insides). The position of the five-spoke wheel).

The open switch stands out with a hand-painted cover, with an elegant, beautifully formed flame blue steel hands. Of course , with a pantograph mechanised lathe equipped with a switching tool, you can also hand-craft a good 18k white gold case, after that satisfactorily satin the side as well as polish it.

Greubel Forsey Hand Made a single produces only two or three designer watches per year and is destined to become new watchmaking landmark which blends the past and the upcoming. On the dial at six o'clock, a new step towards great craftsmanship is reflected, and also the words " HAND MADE" on the dial replace the normal " Made in Switzerland". Zenith El Primero Revival A384 Edge of Space